Illustrations. Sketches. Each stroke brings fashion to life, infusing it with personality and sophistication. Hello, I'm Katya Khot, a fashion illustrator, renowned for my unique style and dedication to transforming ideas into captivating visuals.

My journey began with childhood doodles of princesses and fairy tales. Fueled by a love for drawing, I dove into art classes and never looked back. From sketchbooks to fashion design school, I honed my skills, always striving for that perfect line.

Over time, I found my niche in markers and digital art on the iPad. These tools became my canvas, allowing me to create vibrant, unforgettable images that capture attention wherever they go.

You may have spotted my work in prestigious fashion publications or within the campaigns of esteemed brands like Cartier, Tezenis, Guess and others. But what truly sets me apart is my passion for collaborating with brands, big and small, to elevate their visions with my distinctive touch.

Beyond the canvas, I offer live-sketching services, bringing an immersive artistic experience to your events.


Instagram: @katya_khot